Echelon Connect Sport

The Echelon Connect Sport Indoor Exercise Bike provides an innovative and immersive fitness experience from the comfort of your own home. Optimised to function seamlessly with the Echelon Fit App, you can engaged in live and on-demand classes and scenic rides, racing against other riders on the Echelon leader board.

The Sport has a small footprint to fit in small spaces, and for easy mobility and storage. The magnetic flywheel delivers 32 levels of resistance, and its ergonomically customisable handle bars and seats allow you to find the perfect position for the best workout. 

Your goals may take a little sacrifice, but the price of your bike shouldn't. That's why we developed the Echelon Connect Sport Bike that seamlessly combines fitness and tech to offer the best in stationary biking at a fraction of the cost. Take charge of your fitness today!